JK – Grade 8 Tutoring

The education of children is important because they are the future of our world. The power of education helps children reach for the stars and achieve their dreams, whether they be academic or social. It is essential to instill concepts in growing minds because it is easier for children to learn and understand new things during elementary school ages. Megamind Learning Centre is here to help students with concepts that they are struggling with to make the most use out of growing minds. Our educators at Megamind also teach students concepts from subsequent grade levels to help them SHINE in their classrooms. Please continue reading to learn what Megamind can offer your child.
Math Tutoring
Mathematics requires plenty of practice, determination, and patience to be successful in the subject. Many students have trouble with math and are left with a shaky foundation which makes it difficult for them to thoroughly understand higher level concepts. Megamind Learning Centre offers in-person and online math tutoring programs to help familiarize your child with content in their grade level and beyond to prepare them for the future. Our educators at Megamind offer math tutoring to students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.
English Tutoring
English is one of the most important subjects taught in school and it is the only subject that must be carried all the way through Grade 12. Regardless of what career path your child is interested in, English will always come in handy, whether it be for communicational needs or for written. Here at Megamind Learning Centre, our expert in-person and online educators focus on reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, spelling, communication, and other important aspects of this language.
French Tutoring
Learning a new language has its merits. French is both widely spoken in many countries throughout the world and is one of the official languages of Canada. Fluency in French can grant your child an upper hand when looking for jobs and can widen their circles of communication. Our educators at Megamind help your child develop a strong foundation in French oral communication, reading fluency, vocabulary, writing, and spelling, and more. Gaining a basic understanding of French can allow students to successfully pursue it in higher education.
Abacus Mental Math
The Megamind Abacus Mental Math Program teaches children how to calculate series of numbers using the four basic operations of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with speed to rival a calculator. Pairing your child’s educational program with the Megamind Abacus Mental Math Program ensures superior brain development during the years of your child’s cognitive developmental process.
Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of our JK – Grade 8 Tutoring Program here at Megamind Learning Centre.
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