Becoming a franchisee with Megamind Learning Centre is simple, yet some specific requirements must be met to become a part of the Megamind family. Before investing in a large project significant to an assortment of individuals, make sure you are aligned with the mission and meet the following requirements:
Successful Megamind franchise owners have the drive for financial security and personal fulfillment. They also have a strong business background with an outgoing personality. The rest, we teach. You do NOT require a teaching background! If you have the temperament, talent, and conviction that we are looking for, we will select you and award you a territory.

Because we want all our students to learn the necessary skills for success, we make it a point to ensure that our franchise owners have the ability to facilitate student success. We are looking for someone who has experience with children—though it need not be formal teaching experience—and who possesses the same passion that we have for providing these children with tools for a better future. If you believe you fit that role, then come join us on this journey of education and care.
You do not need an MBA or a teaching degree to be a successful franchisee. You do, however, must have an inclination towards learning. Your enthusiasm and advocacy for acquiring knowledge will set an example and inspire your teachers, parents, and students to reach, to achieve, and to experience fulfillment. Megamind Learning Centre is your opportunity to forge a rewarding career in the field of education.
You must have a satisfactory financial rating to qualify, as well as the financial capability to open and operate your Learning franchise. The total cost of opening a Megamind Learning Centre franchise ranges from $70,000 to $175,000, depending on your location. This amount should comfortably cover your start-up expenses and equipment needs. 
A Megamind franchise owner must be passionate and committed when it comes to educating children and leading by example. When our franchise owners have a passion for education, it shows. This passion is then reflected in the studies of the students at Megamind Learning Centres. The passion for learning is contagious, and we want to spread it to as many students as possible.

It is also important for a franchise owner to have a balanced and flexible lifestyle. Being a franchise owner of a Megamind Learning Centre is something that requires involvement and providing support for students. This requires a flexible schedule so that if something occurs, you are available and ready. Also, living a balanced lifestyle and leading by example is something we take seriously at Megamind and we believe that each of our franchise owners should as well.

A Megamind Learning Centre franchise owner must be a good communicator as well. Communication is extremely important in the education field. A good communicator is necessary in any business, but especially with the private tutoring industry because this is also a skill that children need to learn.
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