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Marlene O'Neill

Available for your live events —and projects
Seasoned and Accomplished
Canadian Premier Stage & Studio Vocalist
Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Marlene O'Neill is one of Canada's premier vocalists. Numerous nominations and awards have been given to Marlene in honor of her outstanding musical achievements from both GMA-Canada and MAJA Music Awards organizations.
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Marlene Elliott-O'Neill
Freelance concert, studio and stage vocalist
A Word from Marlene …
“I have spent most of my life traveling to share music to audiences both big and small. Each of us has been given a gift and I believe our gifts need to be returned to the Creator of those gifts; whatever that gift might be. This is of prime importance to me. I travel and sing for no other reason than to use the talents that I have so graciously been entrusted with. To share up-lifting and thought-provoking music – that is my heartbeat and objective. There are so many wounded and hurting souls in this beautiful world that we live in and if my gifts are instrumental in touching or motivating just one then my purpose has been fulfilled. Where the doors of opportunity open, I will go in faith. Even when doors of opportunity are sometimes closed, I am sure that things are still under God’s control, and He has chosen the best path for me. My purpose is His purpose.”
Message of hope...
Willing to go any distance throughout the years has allowed Marlene to witness and experience many life-changing events; both in herself and in others. Many of which involve people being encouraged by joyful, soul-stirring music with the message of hope.
Marlene sings...
Light Of The World
Marlene & Cathy
The Tonettes
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